Oral Hygiene Techniques


Good oral hygiene is essential to prevent tooth decay and gum disease! With the proper daily use of brushing and flossing, a low level of oral bacteria can be easily achieved. We've listed a few tips below:  


Tooth brushing

  • Brushing your teeth at least 2 times a day for 2-3 minutes is essential to good oral hygiene.
  • Always use a soft bristle toothbrush, AVOID scrubbing.
  • Remember to brush all teeth surfaces (inside, outside and chewing surface)
  • Electric toothbrushes are the platinum standard to oral self-care and they are easy to use. They can be more efficient at removing plaque and some electric toothbrushes have internal timers which take the guess work out of how long you should brush and let the brush do the work for you.


Flossing and Interdental care

  • Flossing cleans the areas that your toothbrush cannot reach.
  • Although recent news reports have questioned the benefits of cleaning between your teeth, using an interdental cleaner (like floss) is an essential part of taking care of your teeth and gums.
  • Flossing will take time, be patient. Practice makes perfect!
  • Some may find it difficult to floss so there are alternatives to flossing, which include flossers, soft piks, proxabushes (interdental brush), waterflossers.  


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