We're under construction on Carnarvon St!

On behalf of the whole team at Life Dental, we want to thank you! Our practice has really grown and we are so grateful for your support and for referring your family and friends. It is an honor to be trusted with your smile and the smile of your loved ones.
We built Life Dental on 6th and 3rd to provide access to great dental care for all our patients; it is a small neighborhood clinic that will continue to serve the community for decades to come. However, you might have noticed that we are getting quite busy at times, and it may take longer than usual to get an appointment. Being available for you when you need us is fundamental, and more space will make this possible.  For this reason we have been working hard to build a great second clinic in our community. This new clinic, Life Dental on Carnarvon, will be located in downtown New Westminster at 885 Carnarvon St. The new space will allow us to provide you with an even better experience and allow us to help another neighbourhood in our community. 

Dr. Robert Toews and Dr. Sonia Sahi will be remaining at Life Dental on 6th and 3rd.  Dr. Kristienne Pangilinan will be working primarily out Life Dental on Carnarvon. With one unified team, both clinics will have the same values and provide a consistently great experience. Our ultimate goal is to provide the best care possible you, your friends, and family. 

Life Dental on Carnarvon will be state of the art and will have all of the technologies you have come to expect from us, both in terms of your dental care and entertainment. 885 Carnarvon St is just across the street from the New Westminster Skytrain and transit hub, and there is ample parking in the area. We will also continue to honor our commitment to paying your meter if you choose to use street parking. 

We look forward to seeing you there!