Tooth in a Day

Getting a “tooth in a day” means that we can give you a new tooth in one appointment. An implant is placed in the missing space and we provide a temporary crown attached to the implant on the very same day. This temporary crown provides an aesthetic result but does not bite. We allow the implant six weeks of healing time before a final crown is placed and the tooth can function normally. The end result is a tooth that  looks and feels natural. 

What to Expect:

  • First Visit:

    • Diagnosis appointment with CBCT Scan: 20 min

    • Implant placement: 40 mins

    • Temporary crown fabrication: 40 min

  • Post-operative visit: 6 weeks later

    • Impression to make a permanent crown (no freezing required): 30 mins

  • Final crown placement (no freezing required): 30 mins