White Fillings

What does a cavity feel like? In the first stages of a cavity, often people will experience cold sensitivity. Later on people can experience sensitivity to heat or even to something sweet. These symptoms alone do not guarantee that you have a cavity, however they can be an indicator that it is a good time to stop by and get a check-up. If it is established that you have a cavity a white filling is often the treatment of choice.  We generally use white fillings to treat cavities that are small to medium sized. After removal of the cavity we place a layer of bond and then incrementally place the white filling material. The material is applied in a gel like form and then is light cured to make it as hard as a tooth. We then shape the filling anatomy to make it match your tooth and bite. White fillings can be used to treat cavities in both the back teeth and front teeth and can be very aesthetically pleasing. If a cavity is large, or you have other existing fillings, sometimes the best treatment is a crown. Generally it is best to try to catch cavities early and provide the most conservative treatment possible. Regular check-ups help us find quick and easy solutions that will work for you.  

What to Expect:

  • Diagnosis at a check-up or new patient exam

  • Individual treatment plan developed to prioritize the most important treatment first

  • Fillings provided in priority sequence